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Lash Glue (Latex Free) - BBE

Lash Glue (Latex Free) - BBE

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New and improved glue pen waterproof LATEX FREE and VEAGN️‍


High quality and long lasting hold!
Super quick dry!
Big bottle

Apply on lid or lash

White glue but dries into clear beautiful pink packaging and instructions on back

Look how beautiful the packaging is :) will last you very long time :)

Instructions on pack how to use & ingredients.

Skin friendly ( tip let it dry tacky before applying)

Packaging is so pretty

Hypoallergenic :) NEW look waterproof.

Acetic acid vinyl ester, 2-Ethylhexyl acrylate, Ammonium persulphate, Nonionicsurfactant, An-ionic surfactant,
Acrylonitrile, Miltprotein, Deionized water.


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